By the start of my 4th year, I had experience working with Symbian mobile devices. In August 2009, I purchased my first smartphone, a HTC Hero (G2), and learnt to develop on Android. There weren't many apps on the Android Market, and so I launched my first few ones: There wasn't a comic reader on there yet, and so I developed one that allowed me to keep up to date with XKCD and Cyanide & Happiness. I also played with the TTS/Voice recognition services, and launched an app that could repeat what you said to it. This was my first experience of distributing apps. I have published a few more since then, including a few of my university projects, and a Flipbook app that I created for fun. I have since unpublished them as I have no time to maintain them on the continually changing Android platform. They are also somewhat embarrassing. However, this served as a good learning experience.




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