I had the excellent opportunity to intern at Google Munich. I had applied for an internship prior to this offer as I wanted to gain industry experience as an undergraduate. I also interviewed at Microsoft Dublin. Though unsuccessful in my 3rd year, I was encouraged to apply again the following year, and with success! I had started my Ph.D. at this point, and so I stopped-the-clock to accept the placement. During the internship, I learnt how to make a GWT Java web application and host it on App Engine. The project went well, and I was asked to extend my 4 month contract by another month. In addition to my project, I went Geo-caching, participated in a hackathon and learnt how to make a bench at Google Serve. I purchased my first longboard (it can be spotted under my desk in the image below). I also visited the Zurich office for the Google Intern Summit, and again for the Google Ambassador Summit! I became interested in ROS near the end of my placement, and when I returned home I created a tutorial for setting up ROS on Android, which is still available and I link to it below. On the last day of my internship, my host had arranged a special whisky cake, and the Site Director endorsed my appreciation of camper vans by topping it off with a special Google one (This very thoughtful cake is shown in the photo below!).




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