In my final talk at Google Munich, I mentioned that I was interested in mobile development with Android. I was then contacted about the possibility of interning with an Android team. The following year, I was given the amazing opportunity to work with the Android Voice Search and Google Now team in London. I again stopped-the-clock on my Ph.D. and spent 4 months working on client-side applications, and learning how teams inside Google build applications for Android. This was a great professional experience. While at Google London, I met some great new people. I also caught up with friends from my previous internship, some of whom were returning interns and others who had full-time roles, and I caught up with friends from university who had moved to London for work. I am very grateful to have had this experience. In addition to my project, I did various training courses including barista training, and I attended a jive class with a fellow intern. Since then, I have a new found appreciation of coffee and have continued to learn more at my local artisan coffee shop, and I also joined the local jive scene in Glasgow.




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