After my 5th year at secondary school, I was accepted to study at various universities, including the University of Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Strathclyde and Glasgow. I chose to study at Glasgow because of their excellent Computing Science department and because I loved Glasgow's west end. At Glasgow Uni, I would select 3 courses and drop one each year. This approach gave students the flexibility to try out different career paths. I was very keen to study at the Department of Computing Science. Though it was no longer compulsory to take Mathematics alongside Computing, it was a subject that I enjoyed and one that I believed would support my career, and so I took this for two years. I was also interested in Physics, which I took for one year. In 2nd year Mathematics, I choose certain classes, including Linear Algebra, Graphs & Networks and Number Theory & Cryptography. Though I enjoyed Mathematics, I preferred the practical challenges of Computing. I learnt Python programming in 1st year, Java in 2nd year, and in 3rd year I learnt C and Haskell. By 4th year, we were able to select the majority of our courses. I chose to specialise in Networking and HCI courses, and I selected a few courses for fun, including Artificial Intelligence and Digital Image Processing.



All, Undergrad