After the excitement of winning the Health Hack, I couldn't resist going along to the final Future Hack on Transport. This was held in the Riverside Museum, where we could work from a 1960s tram. I joined a team that was taking a casual approach to the 48 hour event and enjoyed a well-rested, social experience. As a team, we designed Stabiliser: a tool that allows interested parties to crowdsource ideas on cycling and give feedback on them. Members of the team put together a visualisation of the Open Data using Mango Map. Though the team did not plan to do anything greatly technical, I am always keen to code something up at a hackathon, and spent a little time putting a web interface around the visualisation. I used Bootstrap to do this quickly, and it gave us some nice screenshots for our presentation and to help illustrate the idea. Though Kiff had planned to go along to this event, he was called away at the last minute. He still kindly threw together a logo for us. This can be seen via the link to the prototype below.




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