I participated in the team that won the Open Glasgow 48 hour Health Hackathon. Future Hack was a challenge to pitch an idea that could make things better for the people of Glasgow. My friends invited me to the third hack on the topic of Health. Their idea did not get through the pitching stage, and I joined a team of games designers whom I met on the day and whose idea I found to be most interesting. We pitched the idea of Glasgo!, a gamified social pedometer app for Android. The app encourages children to enjoy walking by offering incentives for reaching fitness goals, via badges and discounts. Myself and an iOS developer took the challenge to create the first prototype. My role was to produce the main pedometer screen for Android. This used the accelerometer to calculate the step count, and was designed to display a character on scrolling background that animated along with the device movement. I also set up the shared repository, and provided support with using revision control and Android. By the end of the weekend, we had a working prototype that we could demonstrate during the final pitches. It was a very exciting and rewarding experience. Below I link to an interview with myself about the hackathon, and a video by the Financial Times that includes a screen capture of the app. I also have permission of the team to link to a Google+ community where you can download and try out the hackathon app.




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