After my experience at the Raspberry Pi event, I decided to start a Code Club. I became a STEM Ambassador so that I could obtain my disclosure check, and once this came through I was ready to go. Initially, I planned to set up a Code Club at my local primary school. However, I initiated this too early and it started before I was disclosed! Instead, I chose to set up a Code Club in Eastmuir Primary School as my sister was a teacher there, and this made it very easy to arrange. I gave a presentation to the primary 6 and 7 classes that explained what Code Club was about, and they were given the choice to join the club as their Friday activity. We had a great turnout with 8 children very keen to learn to code, and an equal balance of boys and girls. I set up Scratch on the school laptops and used the material that Code Club provided to create signs, badges and worksheets for the club. Over the 2 months, we completed the Level 1 Scratch material, and we ended the term with everyone achieving a certificate. I was amazed at how keen all the children were - one girl even decided that she wants to work at Google when she grows up. I was very pleased with the club and had a great relationship with the school. However, I couldn't afford the time to continue as a volunteer. Fortunately, we were able to find a replacement for the following term and the club is still going, with some of the previous members now teaching the new ones! In addition to starting the club, I attended a Meetup that was hosted by Code Club in Glasgow. As it turned out, I was the only attendee who had a club, and was able to give advice on how to become a volunteer. It was very fun to speak to the organisation, and I also came back with lots of stickers that I gave out at the club :)




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