As a fun project, I decided to recreate the birthday card as an Android app. I got as far as creating a birthday card app and a birthday cake widget. When the app is launched, an envelope appears. This invites a user to open the card if it is the user's birthday, or a valid period after their birthday. Otherwise, the envelope will not open until their next birthday. The stamp can be clicked on to display an extra personal message. If the envelope is opened, then the front of the card is displayed. Another tap will display the inside of the card. A sound is played when the image inside the card is tapped. The back stack takes the user through these views in reverse: to the front of the card, the envelope, and back to the home screen. A widget can be placed on the homescreen, which displays the birthday cake with the current age of the user, which increments on the day of their next birthday. Additionally, a notification appears on the event of a birthday to wish the user a happy birthday, and to invite them to open their card. A possible extension of this project could allow people to send and receive many cards. The source for this project is linked below, complete with a few JUnit tests, to test the logic of when a user can and cannot open the envelope. An APK is also provided to try it out.




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