Tutoring at University of Glasgow (2012-05-01)

I have been involved in various tutoring duties at the University of Glasgow. After my 1st year, I was involved in Peer Assisted Learning, where I hel...

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B.Sci. Graduation and Class Prize (2010-06-25)


I graduated with a B.Sci. (First class) Hons. from the University of Glasgow. I also received a class prize for having the top GPA in my year. During ...

Highlights, Undergrad

Research Internship: SUM Group (2010-06-07)


During my 4th year, I was approached by several research groups to do an internship. I chose to work with the Social and Ubiquitous Mobile group. I wa...

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AC4: Network Simulation (2010-04-18)


For Advanced Communications 4, we were asked to implement a network simulation in Java that demonstrates split horizon with poison reverse, which is a...


4th Year Project: Interacting with Mobile Phone Notifications (2010-03-26)


In 4th year, we were required to do an individual project that lasted the entire year. I chose to self-define a project so that I could gain experienc...

Highlights, Undergrad

AI4: Social Signal Processing (2010-03-12)


As a project for Artificial Intelligence, we were asked to write a report on Social Signal Processing, and to implement an algorithm to learn the role...


RTES(M): Real-time Packet Simulator (2010-03-12)


Real-Time and Embedded Systems was another Masters course that I selected in 4th year. As an assessed exercise, we were asked to create a real-time pa...

Highlights, Undergrad

Alg4: Ford Fulkerson algorithm (2010-02-24)

For Algorithmics 4, we were asked to implement the Ford Fulkerson algorithm in Java and use it to solve a student allocation problem.


HCI4: Combining IM and SMS streams (2009-12-01)


As an assignment for HCI4, we were asked to propose an application that builds upon current HCI systems. I chose to explore what happens if you combin...

Highlights, Undergrad

DIP(M): Foveated SIFT (2009-12-01)


In 4th year, we were given the choice over which courses to take. This included a list of Masters courses. I chose to take Digital Image Processing, w...


DAS4: Java RMI Auction Service (2009-11-27)


As an assessed exercise for Distributed Algorithms and Systems 4, we were asked to create and test a distributed auction client that has similar funct...

Highlights, Undergrad

Research Internship: MMI group (2009-06-01)


As a 3rd year Software Engineering student, I was required to do an internship in industry. I interviewed at various places, and was offered a placeme...

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3rd Year Team Project: Tactile Pedestrian Navigation (2009-03-23)


During my 3rd year, we were required to do a team project that would last the entire year. My top preference was a research project with mobile phones...


DIM3: Mos Eisley Cantina website (2009-03-13)


As a group project for Distributed Information Management 3, we were asked to create an online ordering service for a cafe. I gathered together a grou...


PSD3: Project Management tools (2009-03-02)


For Professional Software Development 3, we were given two assessed exercises that were to be completed in teams. The first was a tool to help student...


IS3: Financial Analyser (2008-12-08)


As an assessed exercise for Interactive Systems 3, I worked in a team to design a financial analyser. We first created paper prototypes and went on to...


Research internship: MATCH Project (2008-06-06)


After my 2nd year, I applied to do a 10 week internship with the MATCH Project. My task was to build a multi-modal reminder system integrated with the...

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Student at University of Glasgow (2006-09-01)

After my 5th year at secondary school, I was accepted to study at various universities, including the University of Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Strathclyd...