Cast Together (2014-10-01)


Cast Together is a situated display that allows those nearby to share their recent photos and music, and to display their current app use. It is also ...

Highlights, Research

AppWhere: Adaptive Homescreen (2014-09-01)


Appwhere is an adaptive homescreen widget that reacts to a user's location.

Highlights, Research

Women in Tech Training Day at Google London (2014-06-11)


I was accepted to attend a Women in Tech Training day at Google London. This was a great opportunity to gain feedback on my CV and to experience a moc...

Highlights, Personal

Open Glasgow: Future Hack 4 on Transport (2014-05-30)


After the excitement of winning the Health Hack, I couldn't resist going along to the final Future Hack on Transport. This was held in the Riverside M...


MOOCs (2014-05-05)


I enjoy doing Massive Open Online Courses in my spare time. On Udacity, I have completed Design of Computer Programs (cs212), Web Development (cs253),...

Highlights, Personal

Open Glasgow: Future Hack 3 on Health (2014-05-02)


I participated in the team that won the Open Glasgow 48 hour Health Hackathon. Future Hack was a challenge to pitch an idea that could make things ...

Highlights, Personal

Knights Like These website (2014-04-20)


I worked with Kiff to design the website for Knights Like These. He supplied an initial design of the main page in Photoshop, as shown in the second i...

Highlights, Personal

Vocabulary Daydream (2014-04-11)


After my trip to Munich, Duolingo was released and I started to learn German. I use Duolingo a lot, in addition to attending a language class held by ...

Highlights, Personal

Putting Books Back on the Shelf (2013-12-02)


I collaborated with a Masters student from LMU on a project that extended my research with the Kinect. Marion's Masters project involved creating 3D m...

Highlights, Research

Code Club at Eastmuir Primary School (2013-11-08)


After my experience at the Raspberry Pi event, I decided to start a Code Club. I became a STEM Ambassador so that I could obtain my disclosure check, ...

Highlights, Personal

ITS & UIST Student Volunteer (2013-10-06)


I was a student volunteer at the ITS and UIST conferences in St. Andrews. As a volunteer, I did not present any work, but I was still able to attend t...


Workshop: Gadgeteer (2013-07-25)


I attended a Microsoft Gadgeteer workshop that was held by visiting researchers. On the first day of the workshop, I learnt how to create a digital ca...

Personal, Research

Big Data Information Visualisation Summer School (2013-07-07)


During my internship at Google London I became interested in Map Reduce. I was accepted to attend a summer school at St. Andrews University that focus...

Highlights, Personal, Research

Tiree Techwave (2013-03-13)


I spent a week on the small rural island of Tiree at a Techwave, hosted by Alan Dix. It was an interesting experience, where people of different backg...


Coding Helper at Google/Raspberry Pi event (2013-01-29)


While I was interning at Google London, I was given the opportunity to volunteer at a Raspberry Pi event in Cambridge. I helped a group of 9-11 year o...


SWE Internship: Google London (2012-10-01)


In my final talk at Google Munich, I mentioned that I was interested in mobile development with Android. I was then contacted about the possibility of...

Highlights, Personal

Workshop: Kinect in Pervasive Computing (2012-06-18)

I presented at a workshop on the Kinect at Pervasive 2012 in Newcastle. I also met researchers in the field and participated in creating an applicatio...


Kiff Knight website (2012-06-10)


I created the website for This was my first real exploration of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Kiff designed the website in Photoshop, an...


Tutoring at University of Glasgow (2012-05-01)

I have been involved in various tutoring duties at the University of Glasgow. After my 1st year, I was involved in Peer Assisted Learning, where I hel...

Personal, Research, Undergrad

Amazon Hackathon: WebTeX (2012-03-30)


I signed up to be a helper at the first 24 hour Hackathon held by Amazon at the University of Glasgow. Students were encouraged to pitch an idea that ...

Personal, Research

CodeF at Google London (2011-11-24)


I was accepted to attend CodeF in Google London. It was great to meet so many like-minded females in the one place! We were given the opportunity to w...


Developer Events (2011-11-18)


I attended Google Developer Day 2011 in Berlin. This was my first experience of a developer conference, and it was an exciting contrast to a research ...


Radio Alarm Clock (2011-11-12)


As a personal project, I decided to make myself a radio alarm clock for my Android device. At the time, I could not find any radio alarm clocks on the...

Highlights, Personal

Android birthday card (2011-11-07)


As a fun project, I decided to recreate the birthday card as an Android app. I got as far as creating a birthday card app and a birthday cake widget. ...

Highlights, Personal

SWE Internship: Google Munich (2011-06-01)


I had the excellent opportunity to intern at Google Munich. I had applied for an internship prior to this offer as I wanted to gain industry experienc...

Highlights, Personal

Virtual Sensors: Rapid Prototyping of Ubiquitous Interaction with a Mobile Phone and a Kinect (2011-02-19)


4 months into starting my Ph.D., my supervisor encouraged me to submit a paper to the Mobile HCI conference, and it was accepted. This was my initial ...

Highlights, Research

Ph.D. Student in Computing Science (2010-10-01)


After completing my 4th year, I had been involved in various research projects and was keen to stay on for the M.Sci programme. However, I was also en...

Highlights, Research

Research Internship: IDI Group (2010-08-23)


Following my internship with the SUM group, I accepted an extension to work with the IDI Group. This was a chance to settle in to the group prior to s...

Personal, Research

B.Sci. Graduation and Class Prize (2010-06-25)


I graduated with a B.Sci. (First class) Hons. from the University of Glasgow. I also received a class prize for having the top GPA in my year. During ...

Highlights, Undergrad

Research Internship: SUM Group (2010-06-07)


During my 4th year, I was approached by several research groups to do an internship. I chose to work with the Social and Ubiquitous Mobile group. I wa...

Highlights, Personal, Undergrad

ATP: Bowlie 2 app (2010-06-06)


In the excitement of going to a music festival curated by of one of my favourite bands, I decided to create an Android app to display the line-up as m...

Highlights, Personal

AC4: Network Simulation (2010-04-18)


For Advanced Communications 4, we were asked to implement a network simulation in Java that demonstrates split horizon with poison reverse, which is a...


4th Year Project: Interacting with Mobile Phone Notifications (2010-03-26)


In 4th year, we were required to do an individual project that lasted the entire year. I chose to self-define a project so that I could gain experienc...

Highlights, Undergrad

AI4: Social Signal Processing (2010-03-12)


As a project for Artificial Intelligence, we were asked to write a report on Social Signal Processing, and to implement an algorithm to learn the role...


RTES(M): Real-time Packet Simulator (2010-03-12)


Real-Time and Embedded Systems was another Masters course that I selected in 4th year. As an assessed exercise, we were asked to create a real-time pa...

Highlights, Undergrad

Alg4: Ford Fulkerson algorithm (2010-02-24)

For Algorithmics 4, we were asked to implement the Ford Fulkerson algorithm in Java and use it to solve a student allocation problem.


HCI4: Combining IM and SMS streams (2009-12-01)


As an assignment for HCI4, we were asked to propose an application that builds upon current HCI systems. I chose to explore what happens if you combin...

Highlights, Undergrad

DIP(M): Foveated SIFT (2009-12-01)


In 4th year, we were given the choice over which courses to take. This included a list of Masters courses. I chose to take Digital Image Processing, w...


DAS4: Java RMI Auction Service (2009-11-27)


As an assessed exercise for Distributed Algorithms and Systems 4, we were asked to create and test a distributed auction client that has similar funct...

Highlights, Undergrad

Learning Android (2009-08-24)


By the start of my 4th year, I had experience working with Symbian mobile devices. In August 2009, I purchased my first smartphone, a HTC Hero (G2), a...


Research Internship: MMI group (2009-06-01)


As a 3rd year Software Engineering student, I was required to do an internship in industry. I interviewed at various places, and was offered a placeme...

Personal, Undergrad

3rd Year Team Project: Tactile Pedestrian Navigation (2009-03-23)


During my 3rd year, we were required to do a team project that would last the entire year. My top preference was a research project with mobile phones...


DIM3: Mos Eisley Cantina website (2009-03-13)


As a group project for Distributed Information Management 3, we were asked to create an online ordering service for a cafe. I gathered together a grou...


PSD3: Project Management tools (2009-03-02)


For Professional Software Development 3, we were given two assessed exercises that were to be completed in teams. The first was a tool to help student...


IS3: Financial Analyser (2008-12-08)


As an assessed exercise for Interactive Systems 3, I worked in a team to design a financial analyser. We first created paper prototypes and went on to...


Research internship: MATCH Project (2008-06-06)


After my 2nd year, I applied to do a 10 week internship with the MATCH Project. My task was to build a multi-modal reminder system integrated with the...

Highlights, Personal, Undergrad

Internship at Picsel UK (2007-06-01)

After my 1st year at university, I had been learning Python. I sent my CV to a local mobile software company, and was fortunate to be offered a 4 mont...


Student at University of Glasgow (2006-09-01)

After my 5th year at secondary school, I was accepted to study at various universities, including the University of Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Strathclyd...


Work placement at CISCO Systems (2003-10-01)

In my 3rd year of secondary school, I was required to do one week of work experience. My brother was a software engineer at CISCO Systems, and he arra...